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For Subhasree Ghosh, the omnipresence of Rabindranath’s works in her quintessential Bengali household infused a natural life-long passion towards pursuing the music created by him. Introduced to Tagore’s music at the tender age of four by her parents, she did not need prodding on her path towards musical excellence - the quest came from within.


The caring but rigorous tutelage under Rabindrasangeet stalwart Sri Ashish Kumar Bhattacharya, not only provided the strong notational training on an extensive repertoire, but also helped grasp the nuances of “Bhaab”and “Gayaki”.


A student of South Point High School, Presidency College, and then the University of Calcutta, the pursuit of academics and its accolades did not hinder her journey on the musical path, but complemented it. She completed her Master of Arts in Sociology in 2000, with a first class, ranked 3rd.


She was awarded Best Rabindrasangeet Performer in Youth Talent Hunt organized by Rabindra Bharati University, 1998 and the Gita Bharati degree Gold Medal in 1999.


She gave solo performances in "Kabi Pranaam" organized by Rabindrasadan “Tathya O Sanskriti Bibhaag” each year between 1999 and 2002.


Expanding into the other genres of Indian music, she also pursued training in North Indian classical music, Najrulgeeti, and semi-classical and modern songs under various teachers. She lived in Pune, for 12 years, where she started her association with Surajhankar, Pune. She got trained under Dr. Amit Mitra, and parallely served as a member of the faculty.


Currently based out of San Francisco, California, USA she maintains close ties with Kolkata and regularly does solo performances on DD Bangla, Tara Music, Rupashi Bangla, CTVN, Channel One

Her  albums -

Priyo Amar, Smriti Sudhay - Ambience Productions

Tomar Bina Hote - Cozmic Harmony

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